Surrounded By Death Pt. 2

Shalom beloved! The Grace of Yahuah be multiplied unto you!

I left off talking about the wisdom it takes to respond accordingly in different situations (see previous post for fuller clarity). We arrived at the wisdom of YAH Himself – Yahusha the Messiah – the greatest example of wisdom, discernment, deftness, skill, and EVERYTHING else! Period! In looking at His life, in the context of His public ministry, we see Him always at odds and under some measure of scrutiny, rebuke, or (wicked) device from the religious leaders and high society of His day. My point from the previous post was this: In light of peoples’ mental state in this day and age – the frailty or sensitivity of it – should we be mindful and careful about how we say things? Answer? Sure! We need to be sensitive to others’ feelings, weaknesses, etc. It’s called compassion. We are human too and have our own problems and weaknesses in different or perhaps the same areas. However, the other perspective to this point is this: Do I exercise this mindfulness, this carefulness, this sensitivity to everyone regardless of the situation? This may seem like an easy answer to most, and perhaps I’m being a little “ABC” here, but when you have children (I have 4) there’s always a necessity, at least with my kids anyway, to make the point and then break it down even further to them, giving them different sides to the main point. Which, now that I think about it, could actually be making it more complicated for them to understand the main idea at all, but such is life! We live in a complicated world! They’ll be fine lol. I guess you could say I’m prepping them for some of the real world challenges they’ll encounter lol.

The Culmination

The Wisdom of Elohim finds Himself in (another) back and forth with the Jews in John 10. The spirit of the chapter is both parties appear to reach severe exasperation levels with one another, as they have dishonored Him to a dangerous degree (two chapters before) by saying He was a Samaritan and was demon-possessed! Wow! Then, they accuse Him of not being forthright of His identity, claiming He was “leaving them in suspense.” The Messiah appears exasperated too, as He seeks to finalize this mounting opposition by telling them the truth of their inability to see and receive Him – they weren’t His sheep to begin with. Then, to bring it home (literally I might add) He said Himself and the Father were one – unified in essence, will, power, Spirit, etc.! Whoa! Now, here’s where it gets really good and this is the culmination of the point(s) of this writing. They proceeded to pick up stones to kill Him, thus Him being surrounded by death. What should He do? What should of He had done before? Not let it get to this point? Been more careful about what He said based on His character and His limitless knowledge of the thoughts and intentions of their hearts? Well, in exhilarating fashion, while surrounded by death, He begins talking?!?! Huh?? Actually, He preaches a sermonette if you will – referencing a Scripture, illuminating the passage, and then culminating it in Himself – rendering them foolish and their accusation of “blasphemy” futile! Now, that’s how you handle the schemes of the wicked! That’s how you handle death!

It’s no time to play when evil encompasses you. It’s no time to be humble or sensitive when you’re surrounded by death! It’s time to be bold! It’s time to be fearless! It’s time be sensitive to the Spirit and not sensitive to man’s feelings! Wolves had surrounded the Lamb of YAH and they weren’t their selling “wolf tickets.” They meant business, and on this day the Lamb did too, foiling their plan and making the devices of the people of no effect. (Ps. 33:10) They would get their chance to feast on His flesh, but not today. A time would be coming where He wouldn’t say anything, just as a lamb led to the slaughter would not, but today wasn’t that day. You cannot threaten Life with death. Life humbly laid His down. You know what? Seeing this more closely: the Lord definitely handled this with limitless wisdom, but He actually displayed limitless humility too. Well, that’s maybe for another post! Until next time. Shalom!


Surrounded By Death

My family and I were conversing this morning and we arrived at the subject of mental health – being ignorant of others’ mental state, being careful of how you say things to people with that ignorance in mind, and just the overall carefulness one has to have in their reactions and interactions with people in different situations. It was a great conversation, and although it is true we should be careful and mindful of what we say, and more importantly how we say it, (we talked about that too!) we should never have or adopt a state of mind and think it’s right to apply that way of thinking to every circumstance of life. There’s a balance to life, a rhythm if you will. This balance or rhythm to life requires skill, a deftness, a flexibility where one understands, depending on the situation, what may work in this instance may not work or apply in that one. What may call for humility in this situation – walking away, cooler heads prevailing, etc. – may call for boldness and fearlessness in that. Where am I going with all of this? I say all of this to arrive at the Son of Elohim, the Chosen One of YAH – His greatness and wisdom embodied!!

Side note: I try not to say or write what “they” say the English transliteration/translation of His name is anymore, but that’s for another post.

An overview of the public ministry and life of The Life finds Him repeatedly at odds with people, particularly the religious leaders and “high society” of His day. It wasn’t that He necessarily opposed them, in the sense of starting altercations and bothering them about every little thing, but they opposed Him – deeply bothered (whether they knew that or not) by the Soap of YAH (Mal’akiy 3:2) showing up and airing their dirty laundry! And check this out: He “aired their dirty laundry” not by way of the flesh – the way of man – although He took on flesh and is the Son of Man (Adam) – but the way of His Father – righteous judgment! Wow! See and behold the character of Yahuah Elohim! Aww shoot! I have to go, but this deserves a Part 2! Until next time! Grace and Peace!