Who is Born Leader?

Born Leader is the supernatural name and calling of a once all-natural man. Dead in trespasses and sins, Benjamin drowned in a sea of despair, despondency, and desolation. Overcome by a void in his heart (hole in his soul) and the strong desire which accompanies the void, he did what he discovered most people do in that situation – he performed for acceptance. Soaking himself into his childhood passion of music, he settled it in his heart it would be his path to fulfillment. Unbeknownst to him at the time, and discovering later by divine revelation, what he really was looking for – what his soul was aching for – was Love. However, none of that came by way of music, sending him spiraling out of control and into the grips of frustration, anxiety, and depression. Suicidal thoughts crept in, and in the depths of this crisis he finally surrendered – quitting his job, quitting on himself, and quitting on life.

Life as Benjamin knew it had ended, but LIFE as GOD knows it had just begun! Shifting his focus from dreams to realities, he decided to give his time and attention to supporting his family. However, a year or so later while working at a new job, the Spirit of the LORD blew on him, as he was born again by the glorious power of the Most High God! Miraculously freed from the power and clutches of darkness, fear, sin, shame, etc., Benjamin was made to stand up alive by the appearing and summoning of Jesus the Messiah! This encounter with the risen Lord, through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, has had a profound impact on him, leading him to exchange his full-time job for full-time ministry, security for destiny, and a content existence for a daring, faith-filled life. Obeying the call has not been easy, particularly on his wife and children, but the LORD never said it would be easy. He said it would be necessary; and worth it.

Fresh off the heels of an incredible metamorphosis and equipped with the Father’s love and faith by the anointing of the Spirit of Jesus Christ (what/Who he truly desired most) through the blood of the man Jesus Christ, Benjamin is a God-appointed spiritual leader for these times. He blogs and vlogs about the Grace of GOD with a fire 🔥 that will never be put out! He is presently working on a book of some sort documenting his life-changing conversion experience. He currently shepherds a small group of young men, training them in the ways of sonship. He currently resides in Chester, PA with his wife of 10 years (together for 16) and 4 children. For any inquiries and engagements please contact bornleaderbusiness@gmail.com.

What is Born Leader Brand?

Dispensing Grace. Redefining Leadership.

Dispensing Grace. Redefining Leadership.

“I was influenced, led, and driven by sin to death – for a good part of my life. I’m now influenced, led, and driven by Love to Life – for the rest of my life.”

Born Leader

The Vision

The vision of Born Leader Brand is that of a Body. a Kingdom business/ministry providing holistically for the flock of GOD. We desire to preach, teach, and model the Grace of God in Truth, curating a team of like-minded individuals and/or businesses/ministries helping each other win and perfect their purposes in a family atmosphere and environment.

The Mission

The mission of Born Leader Brand is to unpack, express, promote, and model the life-changing and multi-faceted Grace of God gifted to me, which Daddy God has shed on me abundantly through Jesus Christ my Savior, Deliverer, Redeemer (Titus 3:6). This Grace has encompassed me and filtered in to every area of my life and lifestyle, teaching me to exercise all the lessons and gifts the LORD has bestowed on me – spiritual and natural – for the perfecting and building up of Christ’s body; for the advancement of His Kingdom in the earth (Eph 4:12). All things are of Him, through Him, and to Him (Rom. 11:36). We (I) intend, to the best and perfecting of our ability, to do this in clear, convicting, and creative ways through different means unique to us, (me) i.e., content creation and curation, multi-media, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Some of these means of content creation, media, and entrepreneurial endeavors are:

  • Preaching/Teaching
  • Blogging/Writing/
  • Books/Audio books
  • Videos (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Podcasting (Holes 2 Whole)
  • Music/Arts
  • Discipleship/Mentoring Group(s) (Sons of Nazareth)

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

  • Cleaning Service
  • Book Publishing
  • Full-service music label/imprint
  • Clothing Apparel/Accessories Line