I was scrolling through some memories on Facebook the other day and I encountered a prophetic word. This word was spoken by a friend of mine five years ago, who, now that I think about it, has spoken other prophetic words to me. I’m sensing the leading of the Spirit to document the other prophetic words in a book one day, but I wanted to capture this moment, this word in particular, because of the nature and timing.

I posted a picture of myself promoting a few books written by other people and my beloved friend commented on the post, “This (is) gonna be me with your books in the background.” This may seem like a simple statement meant to inspire or encourage on the surface, but allow me to take you deeper by revealing how significant and prophetic this statement was/is.

Me promoting a few books

Myself and this same friend have had quite a few inspired conversations throughout the years, and when I say inspired I do mean inspired. These talks, which I now deem and discern as prophetic, were ones in which I believe and know El-Elyon sovereignly orchestrated and blew on, as we would minister to each other and say some extraordinary things!! He would say something, then I would say something, and I remember we would be sweating, shouting, and really revved up. In one of these YAH-breathed talks, everything I would say my friend would reply, “That’s book one! That’s book two! That’s book three!” This talk I’m referring to was almost ten years ago, and Elohim has led me back to it and given me the Grace to see what He is manifesting now and will manifest in the future!! Isn’t that amazing?!?!

My friend was prophesying and encouraging me to write books then, so him saying it again five years ago was a reiteration of what was spoken before!! Do you want to know what the best part to all of this is? When I encountered this word from five years ago on Facebook I didn’t know it was a reiteration or confirmation of a past prophecy. He allowed me to see that as I was writing this post. Initially, I thought it was profound because of what’s happening with me presently, as the last few years and even more so recently, YHVH has progressively shown me His calling on my life as His writer. I have been extremely zealous to write a book for years, and now I understand why. This was prophesied and destined already, and not only this but my entire life!! This is His plan and purpose for me!! I He has brought me to the cusp of prophecy being fulfilled!! I am His artist and writer!! I am, I AM’s!!

My brother’s comment

My only desire and concern is walking in step with the Ruach Ha’Kodesh towards the fulfillment of prophecies spoken over my life. I’m completely absorbed in Him and them. The main prophecy has been fulfilled: The Spirit of the Father and the Son has resurrected me, delivering me from the bondage of sin and the cords of death by His glorious Grace and power. The main prophecy guarantees the fulfillment of the others. He will complete that which concerns me. His Grace endures forever. He will not forsake the works of His hands!! (Tehillim 138:8) Praise YAH!!

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